The New Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library
"Cornerstone of the Community"

18 October 2007

Sneak preview continued...

Carpeting is being laid in the main reading area where new materials and popular items will be housed as well as a comfortable lounge area for adults.
Granite benches constructed from mill salvage, rhododendrons, and other landscaping details are in place behind the library.

Connections for computers available for short term public use appear on the wall of the reference desk. Other general internet stations will be available nearby. The open door seen in the background leads to the Staff Only areas of Periodical Storage and Reference Work Room.
The portal to the right of the clock leads to 3 quiet study areas – matching smaller rooms on the left and right and a larger room (shown below) in the back.

Our Local History Collection will be easily accessible, yet have additional security measures established when stored here. You can learn about the history of our town and perhaps be inspired to contribute to its vibrant renewal.

There’s so much more for you to see; thank you for your support and patience!


Okay, if you’ve come this far, I’ll share with you what I’ve seen. (It’s impossible to hold this much excitement inside!) Construction of your new library is rapidly nearing completion. This view from the children’s nook on the upper floor shows how spectacular autumn in Harrisville can be.

Blue tape awaits removal on the windows of the Young Adult room. (Yes, teens will have a space for themselves with a solid book collection and computers awaiting their arrival.)
The circulation desk is designed to provide private space for those applying for new library cards and check outs will be completed more easily. A ‘book drop’ lies behind the closed door seen to the right of the wall clock. Actually, this Returns drop accepts video, DVD, CD and audio formats, also.

See more in the next post.