The New Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library
"Cornerstone of the Community"

11 May 2007

Catching up. . .

Sorry that we've fallen so far behind in posting to the blog! Hope everyone has been viewing the weekly site reports to keep up-to-date.
On March 23 I was able to visit the site and see some of the progress close-up.

The view of the front of the library is a bit hard to see from behind the fence so here's what the approach looked like a few weeks ago. The next shot is the main entrance with just the steel in place.

The wood trusses and plank ceiling of the main stack room look great from inside! The "floor" looking toward the staircase and elevator is not so great- just mud and dirt at this point.

Finally, here's the almost finished retaining wall below the restaurant as viewed from the walkway outside the library staff entrance,