The New Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library
"Cornerstone of the Community"

16 October 2006

The Crusher Cometh

A new reverberation is being heard: the sound of the crushing of concrete and brick, along with pieces of granite. Actually, several of the onlookers who have been following the progress are surprised at how quiet the crushing operation is. This product will be used for the base of the new library and roadways. We are also saving granite slabs suitable for benches. The benches will be placed in landscaped areas along the river walk, to enjoy for many years to come. The river walkway will also be part of the Clock Tower renovations extending to the easterly end of the property line.

The architects have been providing the Library Committee with samples of material to be used on the project. This includes colors and design alternatives. These alternatives may also provide cost savings for the project. The contractor will build a mockup wall using the items selected by the committee to provide a visual representation. This method allows the committee to fully see the finishes for the building. One design change is to lighten up the exterior of the building and to use woods and a more natural color design. To be more congruous with the surrounding structures, the original design of a bowed roof line will instead be a pitched roof.

-- Dan Joubert